about the author

Francis Buhagiar was born in the Dick Whittington Hospital and has been seeking adventure ever since. After school at one of the oldest Benedictine Abbeys in England and gaining a degree in Economics and History at University College London, Francis travelled the world in pursuit of his passions of surfing and scuba diving. Some of the people he met along the way have inspired the cast of characters in this book. His most recent travels have included walking the South West Coastal Footpath with his children. Home is Somerset but with regular visits to the island of his forefathers – Malta.

about the book

Six swallows dance for a girl who felt luck was against her. Buoyed, a spontaneous good turn passes from her through a cast of characters, amongst them a woman in a beret on the New York subway, a retired maestro in Lisbon and a shy diver in the Coral Sea. Each story is a link in a chain of apparently random acts of generosity, which reaches around the globe, and eventually makes its way to London where disaster is averted.This poignant story is the perfect book for our times and captures the goodness of the human spirit. Buhagiar’s original style creates an engaging immediacy and by exploring the domino effect of small gestures of goodwill, he reminds us that everyone has a story, and that there is beauty to be found in everyday acts of kindness.



My book, The Unofficial Good Turn Society, got reviewed by the Times of Malta. While praising the book it writes, “This original book is a beautiful illustration of how even the smallest gesture ma ........



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